Our Design Process

Every Ramzi & Co masterpiece goes through a meticulous process that assures the highest quality of jewellery that is simply captivating and extraordinarily beautiful.

All of our jewellery goes through four main ultra-detailed stages of production – design, gemstone sourcing, manufacture and quality control.


All of our jewellery is designed by our experienced in-house world class team of designers. Ramzi & Co. jewellery embodies sophistication and originality, it is created to celebrate beauty and glamour, to inspire elegance with a touch of romance and adventure.

From our timeless bracelets and contemporary pendants to exquisite earrings, Ramzi & Co.’s designers bring you collector masterpieces with a bold and clean uniquely distinguished design philosophy.

Gemstone sourcing

For nearly 25 years, Ramzi & Co. has searched the globe for the absolute best gemstones. Each Ramzi & Co. gemstone is painstakingly handpicked, by a select few of our gemstone experts, from our conflict free partner mines in Sri Lanka as well as other parts of the world.

Every gem is natural and is specially chosen to suit our bespoke polishing and refinement processes in our in-house lapidary.

Our rigorous quality control philosophy ensures that every gem that is cut and polished, is carefully vetted to perfection before it’s affectionately paraded in all its glamour and timeless glory.

Jewellery Manufacture

We believe in a universe of beauty and style, so we have assembled a time-tested team of award winning jewellery craftsmen and craftswomen. All Ramzi & Co. jewellery is diligently handcrafted with exacting accuracy and detail by our highly skilled artisans.

Ramzi & Co. jewellery is handcrafted with love, our gemstones are hand cut and hand polished, it may be an old tradition, but it is time tested, it is unique, and it still works.

Quality Control

We have a strict uncompromising and methodical quality control process with strenuous and superlative grading standards that are clearly reflected throughout the entire Ramzi & Co. jewellery and gemstone collection which we stand behind with our lifetime guarantee.

The sparkle and brilliance of our jewellery is our pride, noticeable from a distance regardless of size or shape.

Ramzi & Co. jewellery is of the highest quality standards, from our sustainable conflict free partner mines to the design and manufacture process, we have created not just a global brand of elegance and beauty but a crafted a brand of legendary quality and timeless intergenerational heritage.

The jewellery we create takes on its own life that will live on to impact your next generation and adorn them with the same endless beauty and glamour that you love and cherish today.

Ramzi & Co., we believe in a universe of beauty.

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