Gemstone Jewelry

A woman’s jewelry is her secret weapon, it has the power to transform and enhance any look. The feeling of an adorable necklace and its weight on your neck and the knowing that what you are wearing is special to you is undeniably gratifying to any woman.

At Ramzi & Co. we will help you find that piece that makes you stand taller, speak more confidently and dream bigger.

Whether your style is country style casual, vintage classic, sassy and fun, or poised and polished, you’ll find bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings in our award winning 18 karat ranges.

We have a gorgeous collection of designer gemstone jewelry that is full of variety, from fun, inexpensive Jewelry pieces to the lavishly opulent, luxuriously curated jewelry courtesy of Ramzi & Co.

Our gemstone experts at our dual level state of the art gemstone Jewelry store and museum in the heart of Colombo, would love to hear from you. Whether its by special appointment or just walk in for a browse through at your convenience.